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Designed to empower enterprises and developers to develop faster and build better, Retter.io abstracts cloud provider complexity.

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faster backend development
Creating classes and methods instead of manually writing stateless functions in a user-friendly interface supercharges productivity.

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Enterprises choose retter.io because it is green, scalable, secure and it’s technology is proven in the real world.

User through our platform
Integrations with 3rd parties
6x lower CO2
b/c of serverless technology
Transactions everyday
Scalable 100k/s
Scales from 0 to 100k tx/s in just minutes
auto scaling without human intervention

Case Study


  • Region’s biggest mobile payment platform in retail. +50K daily orders & +1M users
  • IOS-Android-Web and backend platform along with MW & CMS
  • MS Dynamics, POS, Loyalty integrations


  • Slow innovation
  • Scalability issues
  • Difficult to manage in terms of infra
  • High cloud costs
  • Outages due to high traffic


  • Development process became much faster, 10 X in many instances
  • Cloud costs decreased by 65%
  • Client – developer relations improved and response time to client customization requests improved dramatically
  • Zero outages
  • More projects could be successfully handled with the same team



Visionary Proprietary Technology

Retter.io created its platform as a response to its own developer team’s needs. The result is a unique proprietary solution that works.

Adaptive Nimble Development

Development process with Retter is highly adaptive. Quick iterations accelerate product development.

Experience in Customization

Retter’s experienced team has built and customized best-in-class solutions for large enterprise e-comm & d2c projects. We know how to adjust to your needs.

Enterprise use cases

Trusted by top notch brands & the best back-end teams

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use case
With Retter we were able to accelerate our development efforts by 10x, and reduced our cloud costs by 65%.

Suad Candır

Alshaya Group Turkey IT Director

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