Privacy Policy

1. Information:

Retter provides digital softwares for enterprises and SME’s to develop and design their digital business. Suppose you have visited or been involved in a commerce relationship from a Retter designed & developed digital platform. In that case, we collect and process the data about you on behalf of that particular customer-end user. We only use this information at the direction of our customers—the Customers, as data operators-controllers we have a right to know how and why the data is being used. Our customers Privacy Policy is the viable one when an end user wants to explore their rights; please visit the Customers' website if you have any further questions about their data processing activities.

2. Information we collect through the Software and Purposes:

Retter will never use your personal information independently for its own purposes, such as marketing or profiling unless you directly contact us through various channels.

  • We collect the information you provide about yourself, which will be asked by the data controller's own channel, such as name, billing address, shipping address, e-mail address, phone number, and payment information. We use the data to provide Customers with our services and enable them to operate their business. E.g., to complete a transaction, screen orders for fraud and risk, fulfill orders, and contact you with new products or offers.

  • We collect information about how you access our websites, your account, and our platform, including information about the device and browser you use, your network connection, your IP address, and details about how you browse through our websites and platform. We use and enable the Customers to operate their business e.g., to provide them with analytics about how many people visit their store and help them troubleshoot and improve their Systems regarding their own directions.

3. Transfer of data and service providers

We use service providers and sub-processors to help and improve our services for our Customers. Generally, we consult our Customers and use service providers and sub-processors through the directions of our Customers. Outside of these service providers, we will only share your information if we are legally required to do so (for example, if we receive a legally binding court order or subpoena) or where our Customers give the notice to share information on their behalf. If you have questions about how a Customer or their e-commerce store shares your personal information, you should contact the Customer or visit their privacy policy.

4. Your Rights

When you visit or make shopping from a Customer's store, the Customer you're visiting or buying from legally controls your information. As a result, Retter is not the controller of the data and has no right to decide on the processing purposes of the data. This means Retter can't help you access, correct, erase, or port your information without being directed to the Customer. To request your personal information, contact the Customer directly. If you ask us, we will forward your request to the relevant Customer and help them fulfill your request.

© Retter inc. 2024 - All rights reserved.

© Retter inc. 2024 - All rights reserved.

© Retter inc. 2024 - All rights reserved.